Protects against theft and vandalism

  • Total thickness in excess of 4.5mil/115 microns
  • Multi laminated for strength
  • Withstands multiple attacks
  • Unsurpassed hardened, patented scratch resistant coating
  • Designed with capability for application to factory tinted glass
  • Patented heavy duty 4.5kg pressure sensitive mounting adhesive
  • Clear uninterrupted viewing - day and night
  • Fade resistant, will not turn purple
  • Helps prevent the shattering of glass in the event of an accident
  • 10 year nationwide warranty

1. Scratch resistant coating
2. 3mil/75 micron thick clear polyester
3. High performance laminating resin [4.5ib/2.0kg]
4. 1/2 mil/12.5 micron thick clear polyester + UV Absorber
5. Metal coating [Aluminium]
6. 1mil/25 micron thick Tinted Polyester +UV absorber
7. 10lb/4.5kg Pressure Sensitive Mounting Adhesive

Magnum Auto Security Film with 35% visible light transmission (MASF 35) is designed for the side glass/windows in vehicles to substantially increase protection against theft and vandalism when compared to the same application of standard window film. Not recommended for application to rear screens due to the films thickness resulting in distorted views due to the application over rear screen demister bars



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